Nepal here we come – Finally I will see the Himalays, Kathmandu and the Kathmandu Valley


It took me nearly 30 Years to fullfill my long term childhood dream – to visit Nepal, to see the Himalaya Mountains, to be near the top of the world.

We are counting days now until we leave to Kathmandu. We were lucky to get a good priced flight via Delhi as direct flights from Bangkok became very costly.

Flight time to Kathmandu is pretty ok. To go to Delhi, India, it takes around 2.5 hours and another 1.5 hours to Kathmandu.

All foreigners but Indian nationals need a Visa. This is pretty much easy to obtain.

Nepal - 15 days Tourist VisaThere are two possibilities to get a 15 days tourist Visa:

  1. Apply for one at a Royal Nepalese Embassy: This is very convenient and cheap. Apply for at one day (fill out the form and attach a picture to it), bring your official travel document. The next day you can pick it up. The cost in Thailand THB is 875 per person.
  2. Get a visa on arrival – this sounds convenient but many reports from travelers say that it might take hours and more than that so we applied in Bangkok at the Royal Nepalese Embassy.

Besides that, the visa is valid for multiple entries. Visas valid for 30 or more days are available as well.

Kathmandu will be our “base camp” from where we tour around in the Kathamandu valley and to other not to far away located cities like Nagarkot and Bhaktapur for like 8 days.

We plan to hire a taxi + driver to conveniently move around. The first two days we will spend in Kathmandu, Bodnath and Swayambhunath. Another two days we will spend visiting the small villages of Kirtipur, Patan and Bungamati, like 30km souuth of Kathmandu. After this, we will visit Bhaktapur, south-east of Kathmandu and two nearby temples, Changu Narayan and Suryabinayak as well as the city of Dhulikel.

Then we will leave Kathmandu to change our location to Nagarkot, 40km east of Kathmandu. From Nagarkot you can have beautiful views on the Himalays and especially the Mount Everest.

Ready to leave and see the Himalayas!


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