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Hey there, I am Patrick.

My Life

I was born and raised in Germany, close to the border to the Netherlands and Belgium and I always considered myself as a world citizen interested in other cultures. I studied International Business with the focus on International Marketing in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Patrick Wings Digital Marketing Expert


After working in Germany for some years as Digital Marketing Specialist and running my very first own eSports company, I left as it was time for me to explore the world out there. For the next 10 years I lived and worked in Mexico, Thailand, South Korea and Spain in the digital marketing space in senior level positions. I became a Digital Nomad, if I wanted or not but still I am loving it!

That's me

I am a Senior Digital Marketing Manager with solid experience in Sales and part of small team which built a US$ 3,000,000 SaaS subscription business from scratch. Leader and Manager with over 14 years experience in SaaS, B2B, Start-Ups, developing and driving, marketing strategies. I am a strong communicator, problem solver, passionate about hiring, building, mentoring marketing and sales teams up to 15 people. Proven track record in overachieving goals and winning world class customers like Roche, Allianz, Deutsche Lufthansa, BASF, Amazon, Netflix, Samsung, Accor Hotels, Disney.

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