A quick trip to the Floating Market at Amphawa, Thailand



It been a very stressy week in office so we decided to leave Bangkok and get some fresh air and some new impressions from Thailand.

Our destination – the little city of Amphawa and the pretty famous floating market. Amphawa is located around 80km south-west of Bangkok. Mini Van Busses leave from Victoria Monument and take around 1 1/2 hours to go.

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The city itself is small but comes along with a wonderful relaxed and special atmosphere. The main channel is stuffed with beautiful shops, little cafes and eateries. There are a lot of accomodations but they fill up fast so it is recommended to book a room in advance.

For those who want an authentic Thai experience those should reconsider a home-stay. Home stay is a currently big growing way to accomodate people. Thai share their private house and even their kitchen and somethimes their bathroom. It definately is a great way to get some real Thai experience.

The major attractions for foreigners and visitors are boat trips through the channels. You can visit a couple of beautiful and calm temples. The major attraction are boat trips to see fire flies which are living in the water nearby trees. Their little lights dip the trees in hundreds of little glows, worth to see.

If you are looking for some additional information just click here – Amphawa Floating Market

In total, it was worth to visit. We stayed one night and one day. This gives you enough time to explore the little city and its special unqiue atmosphere.


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